She Tried To Remove Her Tattoo With 'Rejuvi' And The Result Was Totally Disastrous

This girl decided to remove a tattoo that covered much of her chest with Rejuvi, a famous tattoo removal technique that does not require a laser.

The result was totally disastrous. Pasuda Reaw documented the process with photos and uploaded them to her Facebook profile.

This is what the tattoo looked like before starting the process with Rejuvi.

What is Rejuvi?

This technique is a non-surgical alternative to removing tattoos.

According to the Rejuvi Lab, it the remover "utilizes a unique chemical extraction mechanism to soften the tattoo pigments that gradually move to the skin surface." This process can last between six and eight weeks and is famous for being "painless".

However, this was not the case for one woman of Thai origin. Pasuda noted that this process is very painful, contrary to what is believed of the product.

She began the procedure on February 4 and 10 days later uploaded this photograph:

After 19 days of starting the treatment her tattoo looked like this:

Almost a month later the tattoo fell completely:

Two months later, it looked like this:

It worsened over time:

And it ended in a disastrous keloid scar:

You can see all the photos of the process here.

She's still waiting for the doctors to remove the scar and has even recommended her followers not to use this method to remove their tattoos.

If you plan to remove a tattoo consult more than one expert on the subject. It is important that you know the procedure thoroughly, either with laser or with Rejuvi, take into account that each body is different so the reactions will be different in each person.

Instead, if you plan to get a tattoo, think about it, remember that they are for a lifetime and even if you try to erase them there will be some mark or scar in its place.

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