From Burkini to Facekini, Why What You Wear To The Beach Shouldn't Matter

from burkini to facekini heres why what you wear to the beach shouldnt matter 1
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Burkini’s have been at the center of major controversy this summer.

The mayor of Cannes, David Lisnard, banned burkinis from Canne beaches because according to him they are “ a symbol of Islamic extremism.”

Anyone with a remotely decent level of tolerance can tell that the ban on burkinis is nothing but racism and Islamophobia in its purest form. Unfortunately, many other towns in France followed suit, and imposed the same ban on their beaches.

The ban was put into effect in late July, from that point on anyone caught wearing a beach-friendly burka, would be fined 38 Euro. Cannes authority was serious about their warning and recently forced a woman on the beach to remove parts of her burkini due to the ban. The photo of the incident went viral, and sparked tons of outrage and criticism.

I understand stringent security precautions would be enforced after the Bastille Day attack, but wouldn’t the ban on burkini’s be considered discrimination? Dina Tokio, a popular beauty and fashion vlogger, went on a rant about how ridiculous the ban on the burkini actually is.

Of her many points, Tokio mentions that ISIS members are not going to be frollicking on the beach with their families. Beach goers aren’t the threat here, the wrong people are being targeted. Making a burka-wearing beach goer remove their attire, is similar to making a specific ethnicity or religion wear a badge to identify them as such. It’s discrimination.

I was so upset about the ban, and while searching for content to fuel my rage, I encountered an article by Refinery29 that shows what different woman around the world wear to the beach. While clicking through the slideshow, I was amazed to see that many Chinese women wear a facekini to the beach.

A facekini is basically a ski mask you can swim in, and some women in China wear it to protect their faces from the sun. Though it isn’t religious garb, it can be shocking at first. So why aren’t these women told to remove their gear?

The issue with the burkini is being afraid of the unknown. Though fear of the unknown is natural and everyone experiences it to varying degrees, it’s something that can be solved with education. Let’s teach our friends, children, and loved ones about tolerance, and educate ourselves about other cultures before jumping to conclusions.  

If beaches allow scantily clad swimwear, modest options should also be accepted as well.

BREAKING: Cannes decided to rescind their burkini ban and it has since been suspended. The ban breached the country’s fundamental freedoms, and that’s why it’s been cancelled.

BBC reports that an anti-Islamophobia association questioned the fairness and legality of the ban and brought it to the court's attention. Those who were fined are now able to claim their money.

It’s good to see Canne’s right their wrongs.


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