Burger King Just Did The Nicest Thing For McDonald's And No, You're Not Dreaming

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It's not every day that you see Burger King and McDonald's getting along. Well, to be honest, it never really happens—until now.

The two fast-food chains have put their differences aside—for one day and one day only—for a good cause. Huh!?

Imagine walking into Burger King one day with the hopes of eating a Whopper and employees tell you that they're not selling them. Instead, they send you over to the McDonald's across the street to buy a Big Mac.

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It sounds like a nightmare for Whopper junkies, but this actually what happened at local BK's across Argentina.

"Once a year in Argentina, our main competitor donates all sales of their flagship burger to a known charity," BK noted in a promo video. "We decided to help."

Every year on November 10, McDonald's in Argentina celebrates McDía Feliz or McHappy Day. On this day, all the money that they receive from Big Macs is given to kids suffering from cancer.

In support of the great cause, each and every one of the 107 Burger Kings in Argentina instructed their customers to buy a Big Mac from McDonald's instead.

They refused to sell their Whoppers and as seen in the video below customers were clearly baffled. The idea was brilliant! Even The King nabbed his own Big Mac. Watch the video below:

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