Uh Oh! McDonald's Is Getting Major Backlash From Fans After This Misleading Tweet

mcdonalds twets

McDonald's swears by its logo "I'm lovin' it" for a reason...because people really do love their food!

Even if it makes us gain some pounds, even if the ice cream machine is always broken, even if they got rid of the Orange HI-C drink, people keep coming back to McDonald's like it's all good.

There's no possible reason to ever to get angry at the fast-food chain, right? Well, think again! McDonald's is not getting dragged by customers after recently sharing a misleading tweet.

"If your night doesn't end in a deep chat round one of these, did you even go out," McDonald's UK tweeted, implying that the best dates come out of late night grubbing with bae at a McDonald's restaurant.

It's just an innocent meme. But even though the social team found it super relatable, customers on Twitter disagreed—especially those whose night DID end at a McDonald's.

People were complaining about parking tickets

People were complaining about getting kicked out

Like, a lot of people got kicked out

People were complaining about getting screamed at

People got real

People were complaining about closing hours

People were complaining about closed tables

What's your two cents? Could you relate with the Tweet or the customers? Let us know!

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