Here's What 'Rick And Morty's' Co-Creator REALLY Thinks Of McDonald's Szechuan Sauce

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More than a month has passed by since McDonald's gave out their much-awaited for Szechuan for one day only. The obsession is still real as people selling their unopened packet for loads of money on eBay.

Although the teriyaki sauce made its debut in 1998, it became a thing after it was referenced on Adult Swim's Rick and Mortythis year. Co-creator Justin Roiland finally opened up about the crazy mayhem and hype.

"All of that stuff was a joke in the show and McDonald's said let's go with this," Roiland said to TMZ. "Good for them, that's good marketing," he said, adding that he was a fan of the sauce; whereas, some of the other writers weren't.

In a way, Roiland feels responsible for the hot mess that the sauce has caused, from arguments to overpricing online. He's really hoping that the fast food chain releases it long enough for everyone to try.

"It's absurd. It became a collector thing, it's a f***ing dipping sauce guys," he said. "I was bummed out for the workers, the whole thing was bad on all sides. It was a bummer because the fans assumed there was more and the poor workers were getting harassed by the fans because they were upset. The whole thing was a sh*t show," he added.

If you're still confused about the Szechuan sauce, here's a refresher.

McDonald's first introduced the teriyaki dipping sauce in 1998 as a promotion for the Disney movie, Mulan. It was part of the Happy Meal Chicken McNuggets and came with a Mulan toy. The sauce was removed after the movie's promo ended.

Almost 20 years later, it was referenced in the popular Adult Swim show, where Rick dreamt of the sauce, hoping to taste it one last time. He basically said he will wait almost 100 years if he had to.

Suddenly, everyone was able to relate, including our very own VIX squad. Check out the video below:

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