Just When You Thought The Hype Was Over, Comes The Unicorn Pizza

Millennials have been obsessing with everything unicorn ever since the Lisa Frank fad back in the '90s. That's why it's totally normal if we freak out over things such as Starbucks' Unicorn Frappe and the unicorn rainbow-colored hair. Since the hype is not really over, let's introduce you to the Unicorn Pizza.

Taking over foodie's paradise is the new multi-colored pizza trend that was invented by the Industry Kitchen restaurant in New York. They call their colorful masterpiece, "Pop Candy Land Pizza."

Before you think it's a big ole' cheese pizza with cotton candy on top, think again.

According to Metro, "the rainbow dough gets slathered in rich, creamy vanilla frosting, a smattering of colorful sprinkles, those ever-loved Pop Rocks candies and fluffy swirls of pink and blue cotton candy."

So basically, this is a heart attack waiting to happen. However, this sweet dessert looks great for the gram!

And in case you were low-key wondering what's all the obsession with unicorns, psychologist Vivian Diller told Jezebel: “The unicorn can be a sweet, innocent pony, but there’s also this phallic horn and sword out of its head. It’s a symbol of freedom to be male and female.”

Makes total sense.

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