Plan That Road Trip! These Are 5 Of The Best BBQ Joints In The US

No one really knows where BBQ originated from, but it's part of our lives now and we feel extremely blessed.

It's speculated, as reported by Time, that the term comes from the Spanish when they landed in the Caribbean and referred to their "method of slow-cooking meat over a wooden platform" as barbacoa. By the 19th century—meaning anywhere from 1801 to 1900—the culinary technique became a thing in the U.S.

A traditional barbecue, barbeque, or BBQ (whatever floats your boat), can include anything from juicy ribs, pull pork, chicken, cornbread, baked beans, coleslaw, and mac & cheese.

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Until this day, BBQ is one of the most traditional foods in the U.S. and has become the go-to when there's a long weekend celebration, such as 4th of July.

With that said, here are five of the best BBQ restaurants in the U.S. They're kind of all over the place, so plan that road trip!

1. Hometown Bar B Que (Brooklyn, New York)

This place offers Brooklyn-style BBQ and is very creative with their dishes. According to their website, they "manipulate flavors to create dishes that represent the flavor profiles found in the diverse, multicultural city of Brooklyn. Some examples include our Vietnamese Wings, Caribbean Jerk Baby Back Ribs, Lamb Belly Banh Mi, Oaxacan-Style Tacos and Fried Korean Sticky Ribs."

2. Joe's Kansas City Bar-B-Que (Kansas City, Kansas)

Joe's has become a popular spot among foodies because of its signature brisket and burnt ends. Not only was it featured on season 3 of Travel Channel's Man v. Food, but it was also rated in Anthony Bourdain's "13 Places You Must Eat Before You Die."

3. The Pit BBQ (Miami, Florida)

Besides their authentic gator burger, gator sausage, and deep-fried gator bites, this BBQ joint in Miami is a real hidden gem. Located near the Everglades, and under the new management of Cuban-owners Sonia and Mike Gonzalez, this place has become the go-to spot for many Latinos for the past decade because of its delicious food and live music on weekends.

4. Central BBQ (Memphis, Tennessee)

Central BBQ has been ranked as one of the best BBQ restaurants in town. Their meats—ribs, pork, chicken, beef brisket, sausage, and bologna—are all rubbed with a secret sauce that's marinated for 24 hours with dry spices, hickory, and pecan woods. I know, I'm daydreaming of it too!

5. Allen & Son Bar-B-Que (Chapel Hill, North Carolina)

For the past four decades, this BBQ restaurant owned by Keith Allen has become a favorite food spot in North Carolina. What started a dream with only a $6,000 investment, is now a highly-rated joint because of its signature pork, slaw, hush puppies, and homemade pies and cakes. #FamilyGoals

Bonus: Snow's BBQ (Houston, Texas)

And just because we can't get enough of these BBQ joints, here's a bonus for when you're in Texas. Casual. They say it's THE best in the state.

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