Avocado Lattes Prove Hipster Foods Have Officially Gone Too Far

Blumhouse Productions, QC Entertainment/Giphy

With the rise of social media came an obsession with all things food. Foodies have thrived on platforms like Instagram and YouTube by posting the coolest undiscovered restaurants, or by creating food combinations that shouldn't work but just do.

Thanks to the social media foodie we've seen the cronut, matcha latte's, and avocados on everything. Avocado is a versatile fruit, that can work well on sweet and savory dishes, but a recent avocado craze has lead to an all avo restaurant in Brooklyn, NY and a medical condition being called Avocado Hand.

These two extremes show the good and the bad of foodie culture, and just when you thought things couldn't get any worse, enter the Avolattes. Yes, you read that right, the Avolatte exists and it's exactly what it sounds like, avocados and lattes together as one. We can blame Truman Cafe, in Melbourne, Austrailia for this unholy union and it isn't puréed avo mixed with coffee, it's a latte served inside half of an avocado.

Why oh why would someone consider this "latte" a good idea? I mean, lattes are great and avocados are great, but a latte in an avocado is not cool man. Twitter isn't having it either.

I agree Twitterverse, the Avolatte needs to exit stage left!


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