Your McDonald's Drink Lid Does More Than Just Prevent Spillage

your mcdonalds drink lid does more than just prevent spillage 1

Anytime you order at McDonald's it seems like the meal item which lasts the longest is your soft drink. Everything is good, dandy and refreshing until the outside of your drink cup condenses, leaving you with a ring of water (and a sense of urgency to clean it up before it leaves a stain and your mom kills you!)

You try using a stack of napkins as a coaster, but the condensation just soaks through your makeshift coaster leaving an even bigger mess. Finally, you decide to throw out your soft drink because it's better to be parched than to hear mom bitch at you when she gets home.

Well, I have a hack that's going to completely change the way you use soft drink cups at fast food joints. You know that lid you use as a fidgeting tool by popping in those little bubbles that say cola, diet, or other? It actually doubles as a coaster!

the lid of your mcdonalds cup does more than prevent spillage 1
Fierce Baby Productions, Detective Agency

Yeah, that was my exact reaction. I bet you're thinking to yourself, how exactly does a lid work as a coaster? An Imgur user broke it down for you with the pictorial below.

the lid of your mcdonalds cup does more than prevent spillage 2

Who knew those little half moons around the lid are actually there to keep your cup in place? Apparently, the lids that don't have half moons aren't coaster friendly, but I've tried it and it still gets the job done. All you have to do is flip the lid over and voila! Oh yeah, and this lid hack isn't only limited to McDonald's cups.


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