The Way You Eat Your Food Says So Much About Your Personality

the way you eat your food says a lot about your personality 1

Everyone has their individual way of eating. Some people shove food down their throats, while others take it slowly with one small bite at a time. You probably never thought you were sending out hidden messages about your personality by the way you eat your food. You'd be surprised what your eating habits say about you.  

See the different types of eaters below. Which one are you? 

If you're a slow poke.

You’re the type of person who really enjoys every aspect of life. You give 100 percent to your job, relationships, and, clearly, your food. Sometimes your internal clock ticks a little slower than everyone else’s, which can make you fall behind on deadlines.

If you're a Speedy Gonzales.

Competition is your middle name and deadlines mean nothing to you because you always beat them. You’re a great multitasker. You tend to put other’s needs before your own, which means putting yourself on the backburner. That isn’t always good. Don't forget to consider your own needs!

If you’re the Marie Kondo of eaters.

You hate when the different foods on your plate touch, which shows you're a little type A. You like everything around you to be clean and organized, and you’re always on track at work or at home. You’re the go-to person for problem solving, which can be a large burden to bear in certain situations.

If you’re an adventurous eater.

You’re the fun person in your group, and you never shy away from trying new things. People love being around you, and they also admire how outgoing you are. The risks you take always seem to pay off. That doesn't mean you should pressure your friends to be as adventurous as you. 

If you mix all your food together.

You like tasting everything on your plate in one bite. You’re strength allows you to take on a lot of responsibility, which makes you a favorite in the workplace. You are friendly, outgoing, and always make time for the people you care about. But sometimes, you bite off more than you can chew. 

If you chew with your mouth open.

You’re a free spirit who doesn’t give a f*ck about what anybody has to say. You never shy away from letting people know exactly what’s on your mind, which is a quality many admire in you. 

If you cut up your food before eating it.

You’re the forward-thinker of your group of friends. The one always dreaming big and doing anything to make those dreams a reality. In love, look for a significant other who has clear long-term goals. 


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