Krispy Kreme Goes Hipster With Launch Of Artisanal Donuts

Instagram has become a hub for artisanal foods to flourish.

From distinct ice cream flavors in fish shaped cones to bagels made from Hot Cheetos, the food possibilities on the ‘Gram are endless. They’re also fleeting. 

Instagram food crazes come and go, but donuts are forever. And no one does a donut like Krispy Kreme, who is the master of the traditional glazed donut, until now. 

Krispy Kreme is breaking out of its shell and giving the hipster donut shops of the world a run for their money with a new line of artisanal donuts. The four different flavors include three limited edition donuts, and one that’ll be available all year long. 

krispy kreme ironically launches artisanal hipster donuts 1
Krispy Kreme

The Brûlée Glazed Cream doughnut will be available all year long. Among the limited edition flavors are the Sakura and Caffe Latte Bunny doughnut, which will only be sold until the middle of April

The only downside to Krispy Kreme’s new hipster donuts is that they’ll only be sold in Japan for now, so if you find yourself in East Asia this spring, don’t forget to stop by Krispy Kreme. 


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