How Did We Never Notice This Subliminal Message In The McDonald's Logo?

apparently theres a subliminal message in the mcdonalds logo 1
Warner Bros., Silver Pictures, Davis Entertainment

There’s just something about McDonald’s that always reels me in.

Maybe it’s the intoxicating smell of fries that manages to hit you before you even walk into the restaurant, or maybe it’s the subliminal pairs of tits in the golden arches logo.

The latter is apparently why the entire world is obsessed with McDonald’s, because the entire world is also infatuated with boobs.

Food Beast reports that back in the ‘60s, McDonald’s hired Louis Cheskin—consultant and psychologist—to help create a new logo. Cheskin concluded that it would be a smart idea to go with arches that resembled female mammaries in order to subconsciously appeal to a wider audience.

The iconic golden arches were even nicknamed mother McDonald’s breasts by Cheskin. Clearly he was onto something because McDonald’s is still regarded as one of the most popular fast food restaurants ever.


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