Fourth "The Matrix" Movie Is Confirmed And Has Keanu Reeves As Neo Again: Details

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Almost 20 years after the first premiere, the fourth film of "The Matrix" franchise was confirmed. In addition to the new production, something that thrilled the fans was the return of Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss as the leading roles in the production, Neo and Trinity.

The Matrix 4: Neo and Trinity are back

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Last Tuesday (20) reserved great surprises for "The Matrix" fans. In a statement, Warner Bros. confirmed the production of the fourth film of the franchise with the return of Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss.

The first movie premiered in 1999, attracting the public with its science fiction plot. It happens in a dystopian future, in which reality, in fact, is a simulation called Matrix.

This reality is created by machines to dominate the human population, while the heat and electrical activity of their bodies are used as a source of energy.

The two subsequent films premiered in 2003, continuing the story. Written and directed by the Wachowski sisters, the new film will feature Lana Wachowski's return as director and screenwriter.

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While Neo and Trinity are once again being played by their original actors, it is not yet known who will bring Morpheus to life.

Even though there are no more details about the story, it is estimated that the shooting will begin in 2020, according to information from Variety.

Translated article original published on VIX Brazil, by Aline Oliveira.