Former Presidential Chef To Use $250K Lottery Win To Feed The Homeless

(Photo by Giorgio Perottino/Getty Images)

A former presidential chef has won a $250K lottery prize in North Carolina after his mom had a feeling he was going to be the lucky winner.

Chef Roberto Mendoza from El Salvador has cooked for many presidents including Donald Trump, George Bush and Barack Obama and he’s even catered the Oscars.

He told the North Carolina Education Lottery officials he bought a "Hit $500 ticket" from a 7-Eleven store on the advice of his mother.

"My hands started shaking when I saw the numbers," Mendoza said. "I've been shaking ever since."

Despite his incredible success and luck, Mendoza's life has been filled with difficult circumstances, therefore, he plans to use the money to finish building a cafeteria in the Dominican Republic to feed the needy.

"I know what it's like to be hungry. When I was 14 or 15 years old, I went to bed without eating anything all day. I said to myself, at least [I have a] glass of water I'm going to drink," Mendoza shared with TODAY. "When I went to the faucet, just air came out. They shut the water off in my country. I went to bed crying and said when I grow up I'd do everything I can to make sure no one else has to go hungry."

What dream would you make come true if you won $250,000?