Fitness Blogger Shows The Difference Between Posed Photos And Reality (With Rolls And Cellulite)

Fitness blogger Anna Victoria decided to use her Instagram account, with over 1,2 million followers, to raise awareness and show that the same body can look very different in photos taken just a few minutes apart.

On the “before” picture, Anna appears standing up, strategically positioned to portray her best angle and shows her flat abs. On the second picture, however, she is sitting in a comfortable position and showing off some rolls on her belly.

The “before and after” was done to show that the angle and the way pictures are taken have a direct impact on the final result. That is why people shouldn't believe everything they see on social media.

Photos with tricks on Instagram: before and after

In the caption, the fitness muse said the picture on the left represents how she is 1% of the time and, on the right, how she really looks 99% of the time.

She also says that she loves both pictures equally. “Good or bad angles don’t change your worth”, she wrote.

In addition, Anna, who created a 12-week weight loss program, comments that she recently read an article in which a woman said that she refused to “accept her flaws” because she did not see cellulite, stretch marks and rolls as flaws in the first place.

“I loved that because it sends such a powerful message that our belly rolls, cellulite, stretch marks are nothing to apologize for, to be ashamed of, or to be obsessed with getting rid of!”, she said.

Body acceptance

Anna, who is 30 years old, finished by saying that she also has cellulite and stretch marks, and what is seen as a flaw by many, represents a life lived to the fullest to her.

“How can I be mad at my body for perfectly normal ‘flaws’? This body is strong, can run miles, can lift and squat and push and pull weight around, and it's happy not just because of how it looks, but because of how it feels.”, she celebrates.

Translated article original published on VIX Brazil, by Giovanna Mazzeo.