Joel Kinnaman Discuss ‘For All Mankind’

joel kinnaman
Joel Kinnaman attends World Premiere of Apple TV+'s "For All Mankind" - Red Carpet at Regency Village Theatre on October 15, 2019 in Westwood, California. (Photo by Presley Ann/Getty Images)

Joel Kinnaman is ready to show the world his new TV series For All Mankind; the actor opened up about the work he did for the new show on a recent interview.

“For me, most of the research I did was watching the documentaries and familiarizing myself with the times, sort of how people were thinking at the time. I talked a lot with my dad, who wasn’t quite of that generation, was the generation after, but still grew up in that time,” Kinnaman said.

“What I found really fascinating was all these accounts from astronauts who looked back at earth from a distance and for so many of them, that was a transformational experience. Seeing the little blue orb in the vast ocean of black, it made them reevaluate what was important and I think that was something that really made me feel like this is still a very important story to tell,” he added

Check out the full interview below.