2019 Halloween Horror Nights Is Where You Want to Be This Spooky Season

We all know the best thing about horror films and TV shows is that we get to live the whole adrenaline charged experience without the real harm of, you know, dying! That’s why Halloween is one of, if not the best holiday of the year. We get to dress up, watch all the scary movies and eat all the candy! But imagine if, on top of that, you could visit places and meet characters from your favorite works of fiction!

yeti terror of the yukon 3

Your horror dreams come true

What if I told you we could go into the Upside Down World? The terrifying place where the Demogorgon lives, and walk through places like the "Star Court Mall" or Hopper’s cabin in the woods? You may be getting very excited if you’re a fan of Netflix’s acclaimed hit show "Stranger Things." Maybe you’ll get to face off with the fierce Demodogs!

Perhaps you’d like to go actual 80s, and be transported to the streets of New York City and bear witness of the worlds of the dead and the living colliding! You’ll get to experience the terror of encountering disgusting ghosts charged with ectoplasm! And then, Who You Gonna Call!? That’s right! You’ll get to live a fantastic Ghostbusters experience.


Maybe you’re more old school and would love to face off against the roots of all fears! The true originals in the monsters world! How about the opportunity to see Dracula in action? Frankenstein? The Mummy, perhaps? Or how about a good old furry Warewolf! They’ll all be waiting for you at Universal Monsters, of course! A spooky place inspired by all the classic Universal Pictures films that dominated this genre.

universal monsters 4

You also definitely need to check out the terrifying world that genius Jordan Peele created for his fantastic movie "Us," where you’d have your soul scared out of your body by "The Tethered," who’ll come out in search for their privileged doubles.

And if you’re brave enough you can also visit "Crescent Cove" and face the horrifying "Killer Klowns" From Outer Space, these murderous creatures have taken over the town just like they did in the MGM classic. You can even take a tour to the House of 1000 Corpses, the chaotic house of the Firefly family, Rob Zombie’s clan of psycho killers.

Wait there’s more...

That’s not all the horror you will face, you can also check out four original haunted houses of terror, created by the twisted minds of the entertainment department at Universal Orlando. I’ll give you the names, and you can try and picture yourself what they are all about: Graveyard Games, Yeti: Terror of the Yukon, Depths of Fearand Nightingales: BloodPit. Don’t they sound just lovely?

yeti terror of the yukon 2 0

In all of these places and the streets of all the five scary areas, you’d be met by relentless and threatening horror actors who’d stop at nothing to terrify you, and there’s more. These thematic areas would include a Zombieland: Double Tap experience, you know, in honor of the awaited sequel to the cult favorite from 2009, Zombieland. This movie will bring back all four of the main cast: Emma Stone, Jesse Eisenberg, Abigail Breslinand Woody Harrelson and it will premiere on October 18th. You cannot miss it because they, somehow, are going to bring back Bill Murray after his epic cameo in the original.

You can also have a horrifying music experience with Rob Zombie Hellbilly Deluxe, inspired, of course, by this iconic legend of horror and his music. Also, three new and original nightmares: Anarch-cade, Vikings Undeadand Vanity Ball!

You’d think that’s more than enough, right? Not for Universal, it isn’t! When you feel like you need a break for having your heart attempt to leave your body, from all the running and screaming, you can sit back and enjoying the brand new show by the Academy of Villains, who’d be entertaining the guests for the fourth straight year, this time with the show Academy ofVillains: Altered States, a mix of theater and dancing.

And for the first time ever the guests would be able to bear witness of how some of the horrific moments inspired by some Halloween classics come to life, taking over the event in front of your own eyes at the lagoon in Universal Studios Florida with the Halloween Marathon of Mayhem.

Are you ready?

We’ve been invited and we’re thrilled to experience such a rich horror adventure and we can’t wait to see you there! October is here and with it comes the thirst for all things about Halloween and terror. We know you’re already thinking of your costumes for all the parties you’d like to go to, or the marathon of terrifying movies you’re planning. Therefore, you can't miss this opportunity to celebrate terror and all the adrenaline it gifts us.

This is the best, massive Halloween event in the world! You can already enjoy Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando. Just think how close you are to making all your horror movie fantasies come true, you can find more information and tickets here.