Gwen Stefani Thanks Christina Aguilera For This Reason

During a recent interview Gwen Stefani acknowledged that if it weren’t for Christina Aguilera getting pregnant, she wouldn’t have gotten her job on "The Voice."

The Latin singer was the first female to be a coach on the show, appearing on four out of the first six seasons of The Voice and she was also supposed to appear on Season 7, but she decided to skip it when she got pregnant with her second child.

“There was a lot of baby stuff going on. I had just given birth. Five weeks after, they called me…Christina‘s pregnant. Do you think you’d want to do The Voice? And I was like, ‘I just got the weirdest call!’” she explained.

“It was like the greatest thing I’ve ever done…so, yes, Christina Aguilera, thank you so much for getting pregnant and letting me be on The Voice.”

Check out the full interview below.