Oprah Winfrey Is Donating $2 Million To Puerto Rico After Being Inspired By Lin-Manuel Miranda


This week the Hispanic Federation and Flamboyant Arts Fund announced that Oprah Winfrey has committed to donate $2 million to the relief effort for Puerto Rico.

Oprah Winfrey
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“I was so moved by Lin-Manuel Miranda’s commitment to bring ‘Hamilton’ to Puerto Rico and support the community that served him growing up that I wanted to join in the revitalization efforts of an island so rich in culture, beauty, and heritage,” Winfrey said in a statement. “The needs of Puerto Rico and our fellow American citizens following the tragic hurricanes are still very real, and the work that has already been done by the Hispanic Federation, Flamboyant Arts Fund and other organizations on and off the island is long from over.”

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Oprah's contribution adds to the estimated $15 million Miranda was able to raise during the 23-performance run of the hit musical "Hamilton" earlier this year in the island.

Puerto Rico has yet to fully recover from the Hurricane Maria which caused 3,000 deaths and billions of dollars in damage.

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