This Is The Powerful Reason Why Jennifer Lopez Refused To Join Scientology

jennifer lopez
Actress Leah Remini and actress/singer Jennifer Lopez. (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Leah Remini continues to speak up against the controversial practices of Scientology, she recently discussed in an interview why her best friend, Jennifer Lopez, refused to join the religion.

Remini, who met Lopez through her former husband Marc Anthony, says that despite "the church’s best efforts," the artist saw right through the “cult.”

“I didn’t save her from anything. Jennifer is a very strong-minded female, and is a seeker of spirituality. She’s Catholic—always has been—and her father is a very indoctrinated Scientologist, and has been for quite a long time.”

Jennifer Lopez's Father Is A Member Of The Church Of Scientology

David Lopez is Jennifer’s father; he has been a Scientologist for over 30 years but being part of the controversial group isn't something JLo was ever interested.

“He’s achieved the confidential levels of Scientology. But Jennifer makes her own decisions,” Remini said.

“Yes, I did [run interference], but she disagreed with the disconnection policy, so she wasn’t going to submit to any pressures from anybody regardless, and she was a really good friend to me through all that," Leah added.

Jennifer was also in the show of Andy Cohen earlier this year and explained how she supported her best friend when she left Scientology