People Are Bashing Kim Kardashian For This Topless Photo Taken By Her Daughter North

kim kardashian

Kim Kardashian West can never catch a break, can she? It seems as if whatever she does, there's always people voicing their opinion. I guess that's the price for being under the public eye, right?

As of lately, the mother-of-three has been posting a lot of racy photos on the 'gram—topless, nude, in thongs, and whatnot. Although we're used to it by now, the TV reality star has caused a whirlwind on social media with one of her recent pics.

In the pic, which has over 2 million likes, Kardashian is seen taking off her bra and staring in a mirror. In the mirror's reflection, we see a flash and someone taking the pic. No, it wasn't baby daddy Kanye West or momager Kris Jenner. It was her 4-year-old daughter North West. On the caption, she made it very clear that the pic was taken by her baby girl.

People were quick to judge and even had a full-on debate in the comments section.

People who were against it made comments such as:

@nothembambaba:"What's going on here?!! Is little Northie taking a racy pic of her mom for the gram? This what she's been taught to do? No fam. This is in poor taste and a lapse in judgment."

@h.1.l.d.a: "I have no problem with a mum changing with her kids in the room. But to have your daughter take a photo and then post that photo is so wrong. She's going to grow up thinking it's fine to show your body on the internet and then doing it, probably from a young and inappropriate age."

Meanwhile, Kim supporters also came out to play, saying things like:

@charlottebarnlund:"Most likely Kim didn't know she was taking a picture until it happened and thought it was cute. But if that's not the case, you still have no right to judge her, in what she posts and how to raise her daughter. She is an excellent mother who puts her kids above everything and deserves some respect. North will make a life for herself and will be an independent person just like all of her cousins will also. You cannot judge a child by their parents. Kids will be kids and Kim is giving you the privilege to look into her daughter's life, which obviously you like because you're commenting on her pictures. If you didn't care you wouldn't follow/look up her Instagram in the first place."

@feeling_music79: "I see nothing wrong with this picture at all. People have been throwing shade at the Kardashians for years. It's great that Kim is teaching her daughter to not be ashamed of her body. @kimkardashian keep slaying girl, let the haters hate!!!"

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