Yes, Glitter Beer Is Now A Thing And You Have To See It To Believe It


We warned you one too many times—edible glitter was going to be the new food trend of 2018. We're only in March and already Buffalo Wild Wings has launched glitter chicken wings. Well, if there's one thing missing to that mix it's glitter beer and that's already here too!

Seemingly, according to tons of photos on Instagram, local breweries around the states are adding sparkles to their beer.

Radio station 91.5 the Beat reports that the first brewery to kick off this trend was Three Weavers in Inglewood, California. But other ones have caught on and are producing their own glitter beer, such as the first all female-owned brewery in Charlotte, North Carolina, Bold Miss Brewery.

They say the beer is tasteless and the glitter is completely edible, but until we taste it ourselves, we won't believe it. All we can really believe is that the beer is really glittery and the following Instagram photos prove it!

Would you give glitter beer a shot? Let us know in the comments!

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