Coca-Cola Just Dropped 2 New Flavors And You'll Never Guess What They Are!

coca cola flavors

Coca-Cola has dropped two new flavors and off the bat, I can tell you that there's no catch, meaning you don't have to travel overseas to try them. On the contrary, these babies are already available nationwide in the U.S. for all of you Coke-obsessed peeps!

I know you're desperate to know which flavors are new in town, so here you go:

Coca-Cola Georgia Peach and California Raspberry

coca cola   4 bottles
courtesy / Coca-Cola

According to the official press statement, the company "is returning to its artisanal roots with the release of two new specially crafted beverages, combining the timeless taste of Coca-Cola with peach flavor sourced from peaches grown in Georgia and raspberry flavor sourced from raspberries grown in California."

These new drinks are designed and packaged in Coca-Cola’s iconic 12-ounce contour glass bottle with the logos and imagery printed directly on the glass bottles versus a label.

“We know that our consumers want more transparency,” said Lillian Norton, senior brand manager, Coca-Cola Innovation. “They want clear ingredient information, and they’re seeking out more local products. They’re shopping local, and eating locally. So we wanted to allow people to experience some unique local flavors no matter where they live in the United States."

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