This Starbucks Hack Will Nab You The Key Lime Pie Frappuccino In The US

Truth be told, we're so glad the Unicorn Frappe trend is over. Photos of the colorful drink were taking over our Instagram feeds pushing aside all of our favorite cat pages.

Now that everything's back to normal, let's talk about the Key Lime Pie Frappuccino.

Just look at this masterpiece:

This frappe is making the rounds at local Starbucks in Japan and we're seriously jealous AF—why are all the cool things sold overseas?

crying gif
Paramount Pictures via Giphy

But don't worry because there's an actual way to get your hands on this bittersweet drink in the United States.

According to Starbucks Secret Menu, a heroine without a cape called Savannah M. shared a hack to get this item off of the secret menu. Just go to your local shop and ask the barista for the following recipe:

  • Start with Cool Lime juice to the bottom black line
  • Whole milk to the second black line
  • 2 pumps white mocha
  • 2 pumps vanilla syrup
  • 1 pump of cinnamon dolce syrup
  • Whipped cream blended in
  • Top with whipped cream and toasted coconut if available

The website also suggests "adding a little extra ice before blending to prevent the Frappucino from being runny."

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