Starbucks New Watermelon Tea Is Everything You Wished For This Summer

With tons of delicious options—on the menu or the secret menu—Starbucks never fails to impress.

They're always whipping up new ideas (shout out to the Unicorn Frappe) and every Starbucks junkie is always accepting of their inventions. Not only are their hot and cold drinks yummy, but also very easy on the eye.

With that said, behold their latest craze: Shaken Watermelon & Passion Tea.

starbucks watermelon 1

The refreshing drink is crafted by Teavana with caffeine-free herb tea. Its ingredients are also something out a dream.

The passion tea is a combination of hibiscus flowers, papaya, mango, lemongrass and watermelon juice. The vibrant red drink is topped with a slice of freeze-dried lime, according to an official press statement.

The only thing, which clearly sucks, is that this drink is only available at participating Starbucks in Japan. I know, we're bummed AF too!

starbucks red drink

Um... can it ATLEAST be part of the secret menu in the U.S.? We need this drink for our cute summer-themed Instagram feed.

Despite all the hype, the Shaken Watermelon & Passion Tea is only available for a limited time, from June 28 to August 31st overseas.

Meanwhile, people in the states can enjoy two new summer-friendly Starbucks' drinks: the Berry Prickly Pear and Mango Pineapple Frappuccinos.

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