Dreams Are Advice From The Subconscious: Interpret Cheating, Pregnancy + 15 oi

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Understanding the meaning of your dreams is important to make the right decision when you wake up because they are manifestations of our subconscious mind regarding problems, traumas, anxieties and unresolved issues.

Why did I dream of that?

Dreams work like a bridge between consciousness and the deep levels of the mind that we cannot understand when we are awake.

The book “Dream on It”, written by author Lauri Quinn Loewenberg, is the result of studies on experts like Carl Jung and the analysis of over 50 thousand dreams, which helped her understand what dreams mean in our reality.

Here is the meaning of the most common dreams:

Dreaming of people

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It may sound weird, but everyone that shows up in your dream represents a part of yourself. This happens because we play several parts daily, which go from the clear ones, like son, wife, brother and mother, to the least logical, like a judge making a decision or a psychologist helping an upset friend.


The mother figure is your caring side. For example, a hurt mother is a sign that the dreamer must take more care of themselves or reevaluate the way they care for others.


On the other hand, the father is related to the universal archetype that the man controls the finances. Unfortunately, this sexist point of view is still absorbed by great part of subconscious minds.

A sick father could mean that you are facing financial problems; while a threatening father is the result of fear generated by financial matters or important decisions.


Other common characters in dreams are celebrities. They represent recognition, prestige and approval. However, the best tip here is to evaluate what each of these famous people represent.

For example, dreaming of a chef famous for being sarcastic can be linked to a disagreement you had or criticism you received. On the other hand, dreaming of a famous actor who is known for being a good father is indication that you look for that in a man or have found it.

Dreaming of animals

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Each animal is known by a dominant characteristic, like the loyalty of dogs and the memory of elephants. These unique features are exactly what should be interpreted in our dreams.


It is necessary to evaluate the dog’s behavior in the dream, the context and try to connect it to a relationship. For example, an angry pit bull can be related to a not so friendly person. On the other hand, a loyal Labrador can be a reference to the loyalty of a friend of family member...


Felines reflect independence and sexual energy that, depending on the dream’s context, can say something about your personal moment in life or that of people around you.

Insects or spiders

These animals may be small, but they are very annoying. When you dream with them, try to think if there is something or someone that bothered you on the day before and try to put an end to the situation.

Dreaming of sex

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The meaning of erotic dreams is related to the need of connection with oneself or with another person.


Dreaming you are in a relationship with someone who is not your partner indicates that the dreamer misses their partner, either because of mistrust or because they are working too much, for example.


It may have been years since you last saw each other, but dreaming about your ex is common and could mean that you have a repressed desire or it is your mind's way of reminding you that the passion is still inside you and can be revived, no matter with whom.

With someone of the same sex

For straight people, dreaming about having sex with someone of the same sex means pride of femininity, in the case of women, or masculinity, from the male perspective.

Dreaming of body parts or pregnancy

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The body represents our ability to act. When it is hurt or sick, it is possible that the dreamer has some kind of psychological or emotional problem at sight.


The mouth and teeth symbolize words. Therefore, any problem on this region during the dream means you are having a hard time expressing yourself.


We use our hands to grab, push and help. That is precisely why the book states that dreaming about hands indicates the ability to deal with the challenges life throws at you.

If they are swollen, it could mean anxiety or too much self-confidence. If they are hurt, maybe it is time to rethink the help you give others.


Pregnancy dreams are very common. It means that an idea of yours is coming to life and, the further the gestation period, the more advanced your new project is.


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Nobody likes nightmares, but they are an important indication that you have unresolved issues. The more you push your problems aside, the more intense and recurring bad dreams become.


Dreaming about falling is a sign that some aspect in your life is moving too quickly or going in the wrong direction. It is a good idea to analyze the facts from the previous day and try to identify the problem.

Your death

The meaning of a dream in which you die is the end of a stage, either a job, a relationship or a trip. Even though it may be scary, the end must be seen as the beginning of new possibilities.

Death of a loved one

It is an indication that changes are happening with the person who died in the dream or with your perception of them. Another possibility is an alteration in your inner-self, especially in the part that is similar to the individual that died in the dream.

How to analyze your dreams

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Despite indicating probable meanings, Lauri Quinn Loewenberg says that they only make sense with an individual analysis of the dream’s context.

The tip to understand them is to analyze metaphors, emotions, puns and word play, no matter how bizarre they sound. Asking yourself how characters, situations, objects and actions are similar to your real life, especially to anything that might have happened the previous day, is essential.

In most cases, dreams speak only about the dreamer and, unlike what people believe, they do not predict the future. They are nothing more than advice given by the subconscious to your conscious mind, trying to help you live life in an easier and more practical way.

Translated article original published on VIX Brazil, by Ligia Lotério.