Doctor Gives Simple Tip To Avoid Cystitis Caused By Sex: Every Woman Should Know It

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Cystitis is the infection and/or inflammation in the bladder caused by bacteria that live in the body, particularly in the bowel region. Constantly feeling that you need to pee, burning when peeing, pain in the abdominal region and even bleeding and fever are common symptoms of the condition.

Although it is not considered a sexually transmitted disease, cystitis may be related to sexual intercourse. A simple habit to avoid the problem and that every woman should adopt is to pee soon after intimate relations.

Peeing after sex avoids infections

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According to the gynecologist Dr. Mariana Maldonado, urinating after sexual intercourse reduces the risk of cystitis by "washing the urethra" from the inside to the outside. It prevents small possible traumas caused in the area by friction during sex from serving as an entry point for bacteria present in the skin, vagina and anus region.

The doctor explains that when peeing immediately after sex, the acidity of the urine prevents the bacteria that cause cystitis from reaching the urethra.

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Other factors that can trigger urinary infections besides microtraumas are sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), bladder and prostate diseases, kidney stones, uncontrolled diabetes, dehydration and the bad habit of holding the pee for a long time.

Infections are less common among men, as their urethra is longer, which hinders the proliferation of bacteria, but they can also adopt the same procedure of urinating after sex to avoid the problem.

Translated article original published on VIX Brazil, by Paulo Nobuo.