6 Items That Bring Positive Energy Into Your Home And Help You Get Lucky

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If besides having your home decorated with modern or rustic furniture, you care about the energy its surrounded with, know that there are ways to bring positivity into your household without moving around too many things. Simple objects can attract good vibes and luck, and make the home a more beautiful and cozy place.

Objects that bring good vibes to your home

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Dried Pepper Vase: in addition to ensuring a charming decoration with emphasis on the intense red coloring of the food, a vase helps to ward off bad energies and envy.

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Elephant: a small pottery object or animal-shaped cushion can bring prosperity and wealth to the house.

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Greek Eye: Another famous object against the evil eye, can be used at home hanging in the doorway or even in prints of cushions or rugs in any home environment.

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Fish: prints and objects of the animal can also bring luck, wealth and prosperity to the home, according to Eastern culture.

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Messenger of the wind: just like the bells, it promotes energy balance in the environment and even removes all the negativity that may be present in the house.

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Mandalas: also famous for bringing peace and harmony, they help attract good energies to the house and still render a beautiful decoration to the surroundings.

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Translated article original published on VIX Brazil, by Paulo Nobuo.