These Decor Ideas Will Get Your Home Dia De Los Muertos Ready

day of the dead decor 8
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If you overly decorate for Halloween every year and it's starting to feel boring to you, you can switch things up by sprucing up your home for Dia De Los Muertos. Try incorporating a few of the ideas below. A quick trip to the crafts store is all you'll need to get your home feeling as colorful as The Book of Life.

Give your succulents some Sugar Skull planters.

Mix a Halloween staple with some Day of the Dead designs.

day of the dead decor 2

For those who just can't wait for Christmas, a Dia De Los Muertos tree will be your fix.

day of the dead decor 3

Make sure the theme is apparent from the moment they ring your door bell by hanging this wreath.

Add in the creepy skeleton vibe by decorating a skulls.

day of the dead decor 6

For those who can't live without candles, this Dia De Los Muertos candelabra is IT.

day of the dead decor 7


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