8 Things You Can Do With Your Polaroid Instax Mini Photos

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If you ever jumped on the analog photo train, strolled into Urban Outfitters, and bought yourself an Instax Mini, you know just how cute these tiny photos come out. The Fujifilm Instax Mini is the perfect weapon to keep in your purse for vacations, parties, and any other event you’d love to snap some great shots. In an age when we have the capability to take as many shots as deemed necessary for the perfect selfie, there is something thrilling about only getting one shot (or 10 per cassette), to get it right. Polaroids are candid, bright, and adorable.

Once you snap all your photos, what is there to do with them? Here are eight different ways to show off your best photos.

1. DIY Photo Calendar

Harri Wren

Choose 12 of your favorite photos to use for this flipable calendar for your desk, dorm, or apartment. You’ll need some balsa wood, a black marker, c-hooks, 12 of your favorite photos, small blank cards, a hole punch, paint, a craft knife, glue gun, and ruler.

Tutorial at Harri Wren.

2. Photo Garland Frame

My Little Artichoke

Upcycling an old frame for your new, adorable Polaroids! You’ll need a wooden frame, wire or string to hang your photos from, frame hanging eyelets, clothespins (for hanging!), ruler, pencil, and a hammer. Can't choose just a couple of photos to hang up? No worries, this is the perfect way to hang and display photos if you have quite a few, in a way that is chic and polished and doesn't look cluttered.

Tutorial available at My Little Artichoke.

3. Mini Photo Album


If you’re looking for a way to keep your photos all together for yourself, and don’t necessarily want to hang them up anywhere, this photo album is for you. Tiny and sweet, it’s the perfect place for storing all your memories.

Photo Album for Mini Fujifilm Instax Mini, Amazon, $5

 4. DIY Minimal Wall Hang


This super cool, minimal wall hang for your Polaroid photos will fit into any boho-inspired room. All you need is black yarn, black twine, gray spray paint, a wooden rod, metal clips, wood beads, black acrylic paint, and strong hold glue.

For the complete step-by-step, head to FashionLush.

5. Heart Mural 

Our Earley Life

If you have a ton of Polaroids you want to show off, what better way than to do this in the shape of a massive heart? This is perfect for photos of friends and family members. All you need is painter’s tape and your favorite photos.

For the scoop on how to get it right, head to Our Earley Life.

6. Fairy Light Garland

Urban Outfitters

This is Polaroid garland 2.0. Sure, the frame is cute, and you can hang your photos on twine for a most rustic look, but if you really want to light up your room with your memories, hang them with clothespins on strings of fairy lights for a magical, more romantic effect.

7. DIY Polaroid Scrapbook

Seaweed Kisses

Somewhere in between a diary and photo album, this Polaroid scrapbook DIY is perfect for someone who loves to doodle and draw while also collecting memories. Just buy a journal and stick your photos in it, along with other mementos, and you can bring it along with you on your trips with a pouch of markers and have fun sketching as well!

For some serious inspo, head to Seaweed Kisses.

8. Floating Glitter Frames

Urban Outfitters

I have several of these in my room and they’re the cutest ever. They come in a variety of designs, from those that say “squad” and “bae,” to plain ones with colorful glitter and confetti that floats inside. *So glittery and magical!*

Available right here on Urban Outfitters.

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