7 Little Things You Can Do For Your Partner To Brighten Up Their Day

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Everyone has their bad days, and we all go through periods of time where we might feel moody and standoffish without even meaning to be that way. As partners, whether we are someone’s best friend and shoulder to cry on, or romantically linked to someone who we care deeply for, we have an important role in helping our significant other feel the best they can. Whether it be through supporting them in their endeavors, such as applying for the job they’ve always wanted or finishing school, or just helping them feel better after a hard day, partners are vital keeping each other feeling happy and whole.

If your partner has been feeling down lately, and you’re looking for a few ways to help them feel better, travel no further than this list of eight great ways to help your S/O feel special. From crafty options to simple ones, these eight gestures are sure to make any loved one feel better in no time.

1. “Open When” letters

These sweet letters are written ahead of time and stuck in envelopes for the future. It’s definitely a time consuming project, but incredibly worth it because they show thoughtfulness and dedication to your partner and his or her feelings. Letters all have themes, such as “open when you’re upset with me,” “open when you can’t sleep,” or “open when you need to smile.” You can be as creative as you want with the themes of your letters (and feel free to be a little PG-13, wink wink). These personal, thoughtful letters are perfect for long distance relationships as well, as it offers a sense of intimacy through words despite the distance between both people.

2. Send a “just because” text

Living in the digital age has its perks, and one of them is the ability to communicate instantly. No need to wait for handwritten letters (although still sweet), or other goodies via carrier pigeon. All you have to do is whip out your phone and just tell your partner that you have been thinking of them. Conversations between you and your partner don’t always have to have a lot of weight, but rather, can just be light and loving. Tell your partner something you miss about them and that you’re hoping they have a great day at work/school/whatever else. You get the idea.

3. Plan a meal and cook it for them

Nothing says thoughtfulness like a meal cooked from scratch for the one you care about. When you know your partner is having a bad day, plan to cook their favorite meal. If you’re in the beginning phases of dating and not sure what their favorite dish is, turn to sites like Pinterest and FoodGawker for some great recipes.

4. Make a mixtape

Is your partner really into music? Do they tend to listen to it as they commute to work? Think of all of their favorite bands and put together a mixtape of similar artists. They can keep it in their car and listen as they drive, or import it onto their smartphone to use when they go for a run or while they commute by train or bus to work. Carefully picking out songs you think they would like shows thoughtfulness and will really make them feel special.

5. Breakfast in bed

Going along with the cooking for your partner idea, try surprising them after a hard day with breakfast in bed. If you know your lover went to sleep upset or might be going through a tough time, having them wake up to the sweet sight of you making and bringing them breakfast is sure to lift them up. It is, after all, a caring and delicious gesture.

6. Make reservations for dinner

Not much of a cook? No need to worry. If you know your partner has had a rough day, look to see if you can arrange for a reservation to their favorite restaurant after work. It will mean a lot to them to know that you went out of your way to not only listen to small details such as what their favorite restaurant is, but also that you arranged everything specially for them and without them having to worry about a thing. It is a great way to unwind, talk, and laugh together, and try and shake off some of the stress of the situation your partner is dealing with.

7. Give them a massage

If you know your partner is not physically feeling well or just needs something to relax, try giving them a back massage. It will help them release tension and stress, and is an incredibly loving gesture that will make them smile. You can even make your own massage oil with a carrier oil (avocado, coconut, olive, apricot seed oil) and some aromatherapy essential oils. If you want your partner to feel sleepy and relaxed, think of using lavender or ylang ylang.

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