“Dinosaurs” Had The Most Traumatizing Ending Of All Kids' TV Shows

In 1991, people watched "Dinosaurs" for the first time, one of the most successful TV shows of the decade. Even though the series was initially made for kids, it caught the adults' attention for its innovation, humor and for the way it addressed social matters, such as religion, feminism and racism.

The final episode of "Dinosaurs"

Earl, Fran, Robbie, Charlene and Baby Sinclair were the main characters of the family, which had its daily life portrayed during the Jurassic period, using modern references. However, what people do not usually remember is that the series, which ended in June of 1994, had one of the saddest and most traumatizing moments in the history of kids' TV.

The final episode had the title of "Changing Nature" and it was a reference to climate change and the negative impact of progress on the environment. In that episode, the family faces the tragedy of extinction as a result of the disrespect for nature.

As they became aware of their imminent death with the beginning of the Ice Age, members of the family say goodbye while promising to stay together "until the end", when one of the characters say "Good night. Goodbye", with the image of their house covered in ice and the credits rolling with a sad song. Watch the video below to relive the last minutes of the series:

Translated article original published on VIX Brazil, by Paulo Nobuo.