Back Fat Is More Common After 40: How To Get Rid Of It

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Back fat is usually one of the main complaints women have about their bodies, especially after 40.

Known as bra bulge, the accumulation of fat on the back happens due to years of bad posture and a natural muscle loss caused by age. However, the problem can be solved with the right workout routine.

How to burn back fat

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1. The first step to getting rid of back fat is to intensify your cardio training, which is the most effective to burn calories. Running or cycling for 45 minutes every day is a good option.

2. Lightweight exercises also help with strengthening. Stand up with your feet apart, aligned with your hips. Hold one dumbbell on each hand, palms facing your body. Lift your shoulders ups and back as close as you can to your ears. Hold the position and, slowly make the opposite movement, returning to the starting position.

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3. Isometric exercises, such as bridge or plank, strengthen the core, the back, and lower back muscles. The movements can be similar to a push-up, but there are variations, such as the lateral plank, for example.

4. The bird dog is also a good alternative. It is similar to a plank, but with slight variations. In this case, you extend one leg and one arm, holding them straight aligned with your body, while holding a plank position.

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5. Common in weight training, the pullover exercise is simple and efficient to get rid of back fat. Lie down on a bench, keeping only your back and buttocks on the surface, feet planted on the floor. Hold a dumbbell with both hands over your head and, with your arms slightly bent, lower the weight behind your head until the upper arms are aligned with your body. Raise the dumbbell slowly to the starting position and repeat.

Translated article original published on VIX Brazil, by Paulo Nobuo.