Elisa Carrillo Makes History As The First Mexican Woman To Win This Famous Ballet Award

Shutterstock By Jack.Q

Mexican dancer Elisa Carrillo just made history!

The professional Latina performer picked up the "Benois de la Danse" prize; an award that has been described as the most prestigious ballet recognition around the world.

“Today is a day of immense joy in my life and in my career. I am extremely grateful to the Benois de la Danse committee for giving me this recognition,” Carrillo said on Facebook. “I want to dedicate this award to all Mexicans and all Mexicans. Never stop fighting and working to achieve our dreams. Thanks for your beautiful words! #OrgulloMexicano.”

Elisa also recently won the “Alma de la Danza” award presented by Ministry of Culture of Russia.

“It’s a prize that is very much within Russia and with everything I’ve done, promoting classical dance in the world gave me this award,” Carillo told CNN en Español. “I have had a very close relationship with dance in Russia, it has been many years since I flew to Russia, and I have performed in different shows.”

Congratulations to Elisa Carrillo, check out some of her posts below.