This Venezuelan Comedian Is The First Latina To Do 'Every Brilliant Thing' In Spanish

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Every Brilliant Thing by English playwright Duncan Macmillan has become a worldwide resounding success because of its beautiful and inspirational message. In 2015, the interactive one-character show, which recounts a life lived in the shadow of suicide, was filmed in New York City for HBO.

"You’re not alone, you’re not weird, you will get through it, and you’ve just got to hold on," that's the message Macmillan wants to send with this play, according to The Guardian. "That’s a very uncool, unfashionable thing for someone to say, but I really mean it. I didn’t see anyone discussing suicidal depression in a useful or interesting or accurate way."

Now, for the first time, a Latina woman will take on Every Brilliant Thing and present a version in Spanish.

"This is a story that needs the help of the audience to get the message across," Venezuelan comedian Erika de la Vega said of her interactive monologue opening June 28 at the Colony Theatre in Miami Beach. "It's not easy to talk about suicide and depression and this is space is for that, to talk about these topics with a humorous tone."

Coined as Puras Cosas Maravillosas and directed by Michel Hausmann, Erika hopes the audience will walk away with three very important life lessons: 1) the importance of talking to someone; 2) the opportunity of laughing when they are sad; and 3) the encouragement to make a list of "every brilliant thing" or "puras cosas maravillosas" that make them happy.

If you're in the Miami area, check out Puras Cosas Maravillosas! Purchase tickets here.

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