You'll Never Want To See Trump Naked IRL After Seeing This Statue

this trump statue makes you never want to see him naked 1

The 2016 political landscape has shown us an even dirtier side of politics most of have never seen before. Everyone calling each other names and putting each other’s dirty laundry on full display, makes us feel like there’s no way things can get any uglier.

The assumption is being challenged, however, by five peculiar statues scattered across our country of one presidential hopeful in particular. If you haven’t guessed it by now, I’m talking about the fantastic Mr. Donald Trump, and what makes these statues so peculiar is that they happen to be naked.

Believe it or not, these statues are part of an art exhibition by a collective named INDECLINE. The bold project is titled The Emperor Has No Balls which is inspired by a fairy tale titled The Emperor’s New Clothes, which is about a narcissistic ruler who spent tons of money on expensive clothing until he ends up walking among his constituents in the buff, a la Cersei shame walk.

INDECLINE decided to memorialize Trump because as the Verge reports, he happens to be one of the biggest names in pop culture in the current time. But of course the audacious group had to do it in a way never before seen, and went an extra step by placing a Trump in big cities like San Francisco, Cleveland, Los Angeles, Seattle, and New York City.

This is definitely something. See how the interesting statues were created below.


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