Instagram Will Now Notify You When Someone Takes A Screenshot Of Your Stories

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Be careful with screenshots on Instagram! Soon, the social media app will have a new function that will inform profile users each time someone screengrabs one of their photos on stories—and yes, it will send a notification!

The information was published by the writers in WABetaInfo blog, who are mainly experts on everything about WhatsApp but have discovered this new Instagram feat. According to the post, some IG users can already test it out.

Reportedly, every account will be able to read the new screengrabbing rules—whether you took the screenshot or someone took a screenshot of you. When (and if) this really happens, don't be shocked: Instagram will notify you of everyone who's grabbin' your pics! Those who are trying to be sneaky will also get a warning. The blog states: "Instagram won’t send the first screenshot notification, but it will inform you that the next time it will do."

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More IG news: Personalized Text

Another new feature that might debut soon, but is less shocking, is that the photo-sharing app is working on more fun text options for your stories. According to WABetaInfo, these include four new fonts (modern, strong, type, neon) and are already available for users in Japan.

*Translated from the original article by Luiz Felipe Silva published on VIX Brazil

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