Netflix Hacks: Secret Codes To Watch Hidden Animes And Blocked Categories

hacker netflix anime

While Netflix is the ultimate streaming platform for its accessibility and its extensive list of screen titles, at times—and in some genres—it is very limited. Now, what would you think if I told you that Netflix has a secret world that no one knows about? Yes, I'm referring to the magical "secret codes."

For example, if you want to see the catalog of serial killer movies, you must enter: 8646; type 75405 to discover all of the zombie flicks; and for detective options, it's 2346. A lot of categories that do not show on your Netflix homepage have their own secret code.

You can also search for animes same way. Sometimes, what Netflix's algorithm has in stock for you based on your search preferences is not enough; for this reason, we want to give you the codes that you can use to unlock all of the content.

It's time to unleash your inner hacker!

hacker anime

The procedure is the following:

You log in to your account, select the URL address: «» and after the last slash, you add the code of your preference.

Example: "" (address that corresponds to science fiction anime.)

List of available codes:

  • Anime: 7424
  • Anime Action: 2653
  • Anime Comedy: 9302
  • Anime Dramas: 452
  • Anime Fantasy: 11146
  • Anime Features: 3063
  • Anime Horror: 10695
  • Anime Sci-Fi: 2729
  • Anime Series: 6721

What do you think? Did you know about this hack? Would you like to discover other codes related to series in general or movies? Let us know in the comments!

*Translated from the original article by Max Machado published on VIX Español

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