Could Shark DNA Hold The Cure For Cancer?

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Scientists who mapped out the Great White Sharks’ DNA revealed it contains a special genome that protects against cancer and other fatal diseases.

"Genome instability is a very important issue in many serious human diseases," says study co-leader Dr Mahmood Shivji.

"Now we find that nature has developed clever strategies to maintain the stability of genomes in these large-bodied, long-lived sharks."

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In addition, researchers are also studying how sharks have an impressive ability to recover from serious injuries.

"There's still tonnes to be learned from these evolutionary marvels, including information that will potentially be useful to fight cancer and age-related diseases, and improve wound-healing treatments in humans, as we uncover how these animals do it," Dr. Shivji added.

Great white sharks, which measure up to 20 feet long and weigh as much as three tonnes, are ancient giants that have been on Earth for at least 16 million years.