Dogs Really Are Man's Best Friend, And Here's Proof

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Olesya Kuznetsova/Shutterstock

The love between a human and their dogs is boundless, and this story out of Santa Catarina, Brazil certainly proves it.

A homeless man named César was admitted to the hospital to treat an ongoing illness and a nurse named Cris Mamprim noticed that his canine friends were gathered at the entrance awaiting his return.

Translated via Facebook, Cris Mamprim said " I'm happy for the repercussion that had the photo of the faithful friends waiting for their owner in the I didn't expect so much, because for me, that's normal, complicity and respect between humans and animals...there are so many msgs that I couldn't even answer, but this shows me that the number of good people in the world is great, and I hope that one day td will The world needs more respect and love. ♥️"

She told The Dodo that the dogs looked well taken care of and even chubby.

Yet more proof that dogs are our best friends!