You Can Invite A Shelter Dog Or Cat To Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Their motto for the season is that "no one should spend Thanksgiving alone" and we agree, especially when it comes to sweet dogs and cats that just need some love.

If you live in the Richmond, Virginia area, you can invite a shelter dog or into your home for Thanksgiving weekend this year. Be aware that you may never want them to leave though - the shelter that runs the Thanksgiving program says many families end up keeping the pets they foster during the holiday.

Christie Chipps Peters who runs Richmond Animal Care and Control, said that "people who’ve never considered fostering before reached out to us, so excited to host one of our animals. More than half of the animals that year were adopted, either by the family themselves or someone who met them through the family."

She elaborated with "it’s a fun twist to a traditional fostering situation for people who might’ve never done it before. The shelter provides the supplies you need, such as food, medication and a crate, and the following Wednesday after Thanksgiving, the pet comes back. But a lot of the times, the pets never have to come back to the shelter. We try to make it really easy for people to say yes and keep that pet forever."

How could you not love these sweet kitties and puppies - and that Thanksgiving spirit!