Murray The Ugly Dog Finally Finds A Home And Someone To Love

After Murray was dumped on a infamous “Dead Dog Beach” in Puerto Rico where hundreds of animals are left for dead every year, The Sato Project, a charity dedicated to rescuing abused and abandoned canines gave the Weimaraner a chance for a new life.

The puppy that can't keep his tongue inside his mouth had previously contracted distemper, a virus that affects a dog’s respiratory, gastrointestinal, respiratory and central nervous systems, as well as the conjunctival membranes of the eye.

Christina Beckles the founder and president of the organization made a tough decision to put Murray down, which they thought would be the gentlest thing to do, however; when the day came to euthanized him, the vet changed her mind.

“She took him to the table and he wagged his tail ... and she couldn’t do it,” Beckles said.

Now Murray lives with Mackenzie Gallant, a woman in Massachusetts who ended up adopting the “grey ghost”.

“The signature tongue out is just the cutest thing, and his crooked features, if you look at his face closely you notice his ears aren't aligned right on his head. 'His quirks make him even cuter and more special., “said the new owner .

Mackenzie, also created an Instagram account for the unusual pup – to share his experiences and raise awareness of the condition, check out his adorable pictures.