A Husky Rescues 7 Newborn Kittens And Everything Is Perfect

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Is there anything more heartwarming than a heroic dog story?

How about when it involves kittens?

This amazing husky led her owner to a box of kittens in the woods outside of Menlo, Georgia.

Banner the husky is a 3 year old service dog who not only sensed the presence of the kittens, but took care of them like they were her own babies, insisting cleaning and napping with them.

Banner's owner, Whitney Braley, says "She won't leave their side. You can see her watching them all the time and counting them to make sure they're all still there. She lays down with them, cuddles with them and takes naps with them. 'She is like their adopted mum and she sees them as her babies. She is a really maternal and loving dog. I've never met another dog like Banner.

She continues..."The kittens are really lucky. If she didn't find them, there is no way they would have made it. It makes me feel sick to think someone just left them out to die like that. But I'm so happy that now because of Banner, these kittens will go on to live their lives with loving families. It warms my heart."

Want to see more of Banner? She has her own Instagram!