7 Ways Your Cat Communicates With You Sans Words

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Cats are incredibly expressive creatures even though they can't actually "talk". Here's how your cat speaks to you without actually using worlds.

1. Their tails are signals.

If a cat has its tail raised he or she is excited to see you, but a tail held low is a sign of fear.

2. Their pupils change size.

Dilated pupils are a sign of playful excitement.

3. Their ears are pinned back.

This is a sign of fear.

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4. They are constantly meowing.

They are hungry and want you to know that!

5. They sniff your face.

They are confirming that you are the trustworthy human they know and love.

6. They head-butt you.

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They are greeting you with affection.

7. They lick you.

The ultimate sign of affection and caring.