Can't Decide What Kind Of Pet Is Best? These Gorgeous Illustrations Can Help...

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Yaoyao Ma Van As

Wondering how a pet could enhance your life? Or do you already know?

Check out these illustrations...

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Yaoyao Ma Van As

These gorgeous illustrations from Japanese artist Yaoyao Ma Van As (currently living in Los Angeles) are perhaps some of the most evocative and inspiring pieces we've ever seen - they inspire us to want to go home and hug our pets!

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Yaoyao Ma Van As

What inspires her?

She was inspired by her adopted dog Parker, but she's always been an artist. Via Bored Panda..."I've been drawing since I could remember, but on and off, never really serious. I started doing these illustrations about a year and a half ago because I wanted to get back into drawing again." When asked about her process, the artist shared, "I use Photoshop, normally start with a rough sketch, and then work in the local colors, adding lighting as I go." It takes her around 2-4 hours to finish a piece. "I'm constantly trying to push myself to do different things, so sometimes the trial and error take more time."

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Yaoyao Ma Van As

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