Humans Being Bros: Stranded Orca Returned To The Ocean

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Do you love "killer whales"? Then you'll be so happy to know that after an incredible twenty hours of rescue effort, a stranded orca has been returned to the ocean near the coast of Argentina.

The Fundacion Mundo Marino teamed up with the Argentine Naval Prefecture and the country's Civil Defense.

The rescue effort was incredibly challenging because of the sheer size and weight of the orca as well as the fact that it was performed in extremely cold temperatures.

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Stranded Sideways

What also made things challenging is that the whale was turned sideways, so the rescuers had to be extra careful to make sure the blowhole didn't get submerged in the water. – which had been ‘stranded sideways’ – to stop the blowhole becoming submerged beneath the water. Fortunately, they managed to get a stretcher underneath the orca and carefully bring it back to the ocean. And it swam away successfully much to everyone's relief!

The Official Statement From The Fundacion Mundo Marino

As the orca was fully supported in the sand on one of its sides, the rescue team of the marine world foundation, accompanied by Argentine Naval Prefecture and civil defence, sought to straighten it out to prevent the blowhole from falling under water and triggering a drowning.On the cold and windy night they tried for hours to it, but due to their large size and weight (Approximately 4 TONS) the task was impossible. However it served for the happy ending of the next day.We highlight the great value and commitment of this team of people who gave everything!!