How Would You React To This Swearing Parrot?

15 swearing parrot
Telegraph UK

We all know that parrots can talk, but who knows that they'd be this expressive?

According to the Telegraph that first reported this story, Jessie, a blue and gold macaw parrot escaped from her home in North London and chose a nearby rooftop to call home for the time being. After three days, the London Fire Brigade went to return to her to human. They also had to follow strict orders and send a volunteer up on a ladder with a bowl of food and fluffy towel more appropriate for a spa, along with instructions to tell Jessie the "I Love You" in order to encourage her to come home.

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While Jessie was apparently sweet at first, her rescuers reported and we quote..."we then discovered that she had a bit of a foul mouth and kept swearing, much to our amusement,” said one of the firefighters. NSFW language to follow, but she told them all to “f*#k off.” Interestingly, Jessie also speaks German and Turkish - we wonder how rude she is in those languages!

During the attempt, she eventually took off and flew back to her owner, and they are happily reunited.