9 Things That Only Those Who Have A 10-Year Friendship Will Understand

Only those who can keep childhood friends around and meet with them often know the delight of remembering moments of happiness, embarrassment and even pain. Check out 9 things that only people with lifelong friends can understand:

Only old friends can understand...

1. A long-time friend certainly saw you follow fashion trends that were beautiful and sophisticated in the past, but today make you laugh and cringe because you actually looked ridiculous.

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2. An old friend celebrated your college admission, attended your graduation party and supported important decisions that consolidated your professional career.

3. You and your friend have probably had one too many drinks a few times and witnessed each other's embarrassing moments, which you keep secret to this day.

4. If you spent your teenage years together, you can probably share stories of when they covered for you when you sneaked out and even helped you get an alibi.

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5. An old friend may have been your date to that party where you met your current husband. And they stood by your side during the birth of your children.

6. Your lifelong friend was there for you at your wedding but was also your confidant and a shoulder to cry on after a break-up.

7. A true friend held your hand while you were getting your first tattoo. Years later, they were probably by your side when you regretted it and decided to get it removed.

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8. If you have a long friendship, you can face your fights and arguments with a good sense of humor. You know that it is possible to overcome it and understand that a true friend lasts forever.

9. You don't have to see each other all the time to feel like they are close and connected to you. When you see each other again, even after a long time, you still have that familiar feeling, as if you've never been apart.

Translated article original published on VIX Brazil, by Paulo Nobuo.