6 Things You Must NEVER Have In Your House, According to Feng Shui

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Many people resort to the rules of Feng Shui to make the house a pleasant and welcoming place. The millenary Chinese practice aims to work the position and presence of certain objects in the environment, seeking a balanced flow of energy that always brings vitality and prosperity.

Feng Shui is very important to help you create an environment free of negative energies, to be in good spirits and enjoy good health. Here are some objects you should keep far away from your home, according to this practice.

Objects you shouldn't have in your house

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Broken objects

This kind of object creates a dense, heavy energy in the environment that harms, especially, the financial aspects of your life. Do not keep these objects in the house.

Clocks that don't work

Sometimes the clock runs out of batteries and it takes months before they're replaced. Clocks that don't work, either because of the battery or because they are broken, stagnate the power of the house.

Sad or violent pictures or illustrations

Sad or violent pictures hung on the wall may adversely affect the domestic atmosphere, not to mention the mood and well-being of those living in the house.

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Cactus is a plant that retains water and water is associated with emotions, according do the Chinese practice. So the plant can affect people's emotions.

Unwanted decorative items

If you got a decorative object from someone and your relationship didn't end well, it's best not to keep it in the house.

Dry leaves or artificial plants

Since they represent lifeless things, both elements don't allow the energy to flow in the environment and can even have a negative interference in the energetic balance of the place.

Translated article original published on VIX Brazil, by Giulia Ebohon.