6 Lipstick Shades That Make Your Teeth Look Whiter and 5 That Make Them More Yellow

Lipstick is a universal passion. Nude, pink, orange, red, purple, burgundy, brown...There are no limits to the variety of colors. However, what a lot of women don't know is that, depending on the color you chose, the result can be quite different than the expected.

The lipstick color can make your smile look whiter, like those with blue pigment in it, or more yellow, like those with yellow pigment.

Photographer Dudu Medeiros, professor of dental photography, says that the lights and the contrasts between the color of the lipstick and the skin directly interfere in the look's final result.

Lipsticks that make your smile whiter

Colors that are colder and deeper, as well as matte options with a lot of pigment. The lipstick color should contrast with the color of your teeth. To do that, the trick is choosing a shade darker than your gums.

  • Nude
  • Burnt pink
  • Burnt red
  • Burgundy
  • Purple
  • Brown
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Lipsticks that make your smile more yellow

They are the warmest, most vivid and intense colors, as well as options with a shimmering and satin-like texture or with the most yellowish background, like violet. Even with beautiful productions, these colors make the smile less bright, because they reflect the light.

  • Bright pink
  • Orange
  • Gold
  • Violet
  • Red

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Regardless of your lipstick color choice, what counts is how you feel. If you like the color and think you're pretty, that's what matters!

Translated article original published on VIX Brazil, by Mariana Riscala.